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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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We Plant a Root

“As part of our ethical pledge to the environment, from 2021 we will plant a root for every booking made.  ” 

Photo: Discover Greece

Now, your booking makes a small contribution to the local fauna and environment.  

The area around Keros beach looks barren, but in fact it isn’t.  It used to be cultivated many decades ago.  Actually, there used to be a vineyard on part of our property.  Then, people fled to the cities, or turned to other professions, abandoning the fields closer to the beach, and stuck to the ones closer to the villages.  

Since then, we have succesfully planted many local species of trees, contributing to the environment and preventing soil erosion.  

In 2020 we planted a vineyard with a local variety of vines, in an attempt to restore the old vineyard that used to be on the property.  

In 2021 we are escalating our efforts, and we commit to planting a root for every booking you make, so your holidays will have positive ethical and green wake.  

Whether it is a new entry in our vineyard, or a local mulberry tree, we will plant twice a year in the exact number of the bookings of the season.   So every season you will be able to see the progress, powered by you.  

Learn more about our environmental mission.