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Link Books about surfing, the ocean & life

Books about surfing, the ocean & life

I have always loved books.  I have always loved the sea.  Then i fell in love with surfing and all sports related.  Put all…

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Link Local microbreweries

Local microbreweries

  As part of our actions to support the local economy of the North Aegean region, we decided to completely redesign our beer menu….

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Link Posidonia seaweed

Posidonia seaweed

Look mummy! I am the seaweed monster!  Said the kid playing in a pile of seaweed by the shore.  ‘Oh god, replied the mom. …

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Link The Vineyard Project

The Vineyard Project

“There used to be a vineyard right here in the old days.  But one day a sand storm came and covered everything up!” said... Read More
Link Limnos local X-mas recipe

Limnos local X-mas recipe

This recipe is kindly provides to us by Rousopouli local, Mrs Roula Lada.It is relatively easy, you can give it a go and bring... Read More