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Limnos local X-mas recipe

This recipe is kindly provides to us by Rousopouli local, Mrs Roula Lada.
It is relatively easy, you can give it a go and bring some Limnos love and flavor to your X-mas table.

Δίπλες της μαμάς ή “λουλούδια” // Mum’s ‘diples’ or traditional Limnos ‘flowers’


  • -5 eggs
  • -1 spoonful butter
  • -1 small spoon baking soda
  • -half a glass of Limnos ouzo (or your prefered anise flavoured alcohol)
  • -lemon zest from 1 lemon (the skin)
  • -2 small spoons of mastiha
  • 1 kg of Limnos flour (or regular flour if you can’t find it 🙂


Beat the eggs and slowly add the rest of the ingredients until you get a tight textured mix. Then you can either pass the dough through a pasta machine, or spread it out in very thin layers with a rolling pin, the traditional way.

Then, you use your imagination and form braids or shapes with the cut dough.

Once you are ready, you place the ‘flowers’ into a pot of hot cooking oil, until they start forming ‘bubbles’.

You remove them, put them on a plate and sprinkle them with some fine powdered sugar.

Bon appetite!

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