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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Aerial view of sand dunes

Secret spots, local gems, unforgettable moments.

Living a unique and holistic experience is part our mission here at Surf Club Keros. Whether on water or land, let us guide you to the hidden gems that  reside in this exceptional island.
Secret spots, well-hidden local corners and unforgettable experiences. Traditional music, unique flavors, tranquil off-grid landscapes and peaceful flora and wildlife. Ageless whispers from the past, pure and unaffected local communities. Feelings and memories.
Join our program of activities, trips and excursions and explore the generous diversity of nature, that Keros and Limnos island has to offer.

Live the experience and make your holidays memorable!

Island trips

Although it sometimes feels hard to leave Keros beach, there is an abundance of amazing things to see and experience on the island. Stroll the unique Gomati sand dunes and walk through time in the archaeological site of Poliochni where democracy was said to be born. Visit the laid back capital of the island, Myrina, with the tiny fishing port and spot the occasional herd deer roaming around the town’s old castle.  Visit the restored windmills of Kontias village. Walk through the Anzac cemetery and get lost in the recent history of World War 1. 

Chill out at a remote, relaxed and picturesque beach bar.

This is the true Limnos… 

SUP Sunset crossings

Our sunset SUP crossings are definitely one of the best ways to peacefully end one of those rare non-windy days. It is the perfect way to explore,  exercise or to have mere fun. Paddle across the calm and crystal clear waters of Keros bay, look up to the sky and experience the ecstatic star-dome. Listen to the rhythm of the night silence and let your senses free in the moonlight path.
And last but not least, treat yourself to a post-mission cold beer or refreshment around the beach fire. An amazing experience worth living and sharing, for all ages, skills or paddling experience.


Did you know that Lemnos contains Europe’s only desert? You heard right! On the northwest of the island, 3 km from Katalakko village, you will feel as if you are in Sahara. With rolling sand dunes sculpted by the wind and unique vegetation, Ammothines as we call them, are an impressive phenomenon, covering an area of 70 acres. One of the most stunning places you could visit on the island and of course we couldn’t resist but to take it to the next level! Sandboard down the dunes! Yes, you heard right. Snowboards, windsurf straps and you are ready to go!

Wine tasting

Limnos island has deep roots of viticulture and winemaking. Homer, Aristotle and many other Greek historians refer to the wines of Limnos. The traditional variety cultivated on Limnos since ancient times provides an interesting red wine called ‘Kalambaki’, but in recent years the award-winning white muscat of Alexandria wine has dominated the vineyards. Nevertheless, wine is not the only favorite product coming from the vineyards. Locals are very proud of their ‘tsipouro’, a local distilled extract, usually without aniseed. We are paying tribute to our agricultural heritage and support the local community by proudly including exclusively local wine labels on our menu.
Join one our wine tasting trips; learn and taste more!


Our downwinders are the ultimate kitesurfing and windsurfing experience. We form a team of Explorers to break-free around Eastern Limnos coastline and to blast around virgin landscapes and changing sea conditions, while enjoying the group vibes, the absence of the ‘staying upwind struggle’ and the freedom of open horizons.
Our instructors lead and trail the group downwind all the way to Keros bay, riding through flats, choppy and wavy bits, amazing locations with turquoise Caribbean style waters with no one in sight. After approximately two hours of riding, you will definitely land your kite or windsurfing gear at Keros beach with the unmatched feeling of seamanship and a really big smile.

e-Bike trips

E-biking is the new revolution in the bike industry.  Now, the sport is made easy for everyone, not only for hardcore riders. E-biking gives you and your family the posibility to cover larger distances with minimum effort and experience more awesome places and landscapes!  Whether it is one of those rare non-windy days, or you simply want to practice something new, solo or with the whole family, our e-bike rides are guaranteed fun! We strongly encourage soft mobility through the Keros Bay Natura protected ecosystem, so taking part in one of our local mountain bike trips is probably the best way to explore the local surroundings. Within 20 km of e-riding distance you can find stunning natural landscapes, salt lakes, observe local native species such as rabbits, hawks, flamingos, when the salt lake is not dry, visit important archaeological sites, or simply have a nice and relaxing bike ride.