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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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We are on a taste mission

Surf Club Keros Taste-mission is a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine and our Greek hospitality origins. Utilizing the island’s local produce, we cook following our grandmothers’ traditional recipes and techniques.


By buying from local producers and farmers we support the local community and ensure we always have fresh fish and meat and summer vegetables and fruits in order to provide a unique dining experience.


Here, traditional Greek flavors such as olive oil and oregano, seafood meze, ouzo and tsipouro are blended with our gastronomical experiences from the Mediterranean and other surf destinations around the world. 


Surfers or non-surfers will equally be fascinated by our gastronomical story.  Vegetarians, vegans, people with a lactose or gluten-free diet have an equal amount of quality options at our buffet or a la carte menu, especially with prior notice.


Special care has been taken for the catering of the ‘young guns’ visiting us, in order to fulfill their nutrition, energy and taste needs.

Eat Drink Rest


Our restaurant is not only a public area and all-day cafe-restaurant. It is where you start and end your day, where you tell your stories, meet people, take a break or work on your laptop. It is where you have a nice dinner or just relax and enjoy the view with an ice coffee or a refreshing drink. It is the beating, social heart of Surf Club Keros. With more than 300 sqm of shade and with the best overview of Keros Bay it is the ultimate place to chill any time of the day.  It is also the spot with the best Wi-fi connection speed on the island.

Riding the Aegean waves and mastering the Meltemi wind requires a proper energy intake. In order to fuel and refuel for the coming session, the breakfast buffet will be waiting for you every morning to start your day. Coffee, fresh juices, cereals, omelettes, bacon and sausages, local Greek cheeses, pancakes, freshly chopped fruit salad, fresh local bakery goods, local honey and marmalade from the village nearby and many more original flavors…

In the evening the dinner buffet takes you to a Mediterranean cuisine gastronomical journey, with a lot of local homemade traditional Greek touches, based mainly on fresh salads and vegetables, pulses, fruits, chicken, fish, herbs and Olive oil. Taste our famous “mousaka”, “pastitsio” or “tzatziki” and explore new flavours and senses. Enjoy our famous fish and seafood grill nights or BBQ’s with chilled Greek local wine and cold beers.

In between the buffet’s serving hours the restaurant is always open for you throughout the day and a special selection of a la carte choices can be served including fresh salads, eggs and omelettes, juicy burgers, pasta dishes, pizzas, steaks, and every day the chef’s suggestion of traditional Greek cuisine.

opening time:

08:00 am

closing time:

23:00 pm


Breakfast 12€ pppd Halfboard 30€ pppd


Tiki bar

At the Tiki Bar, at any time of the day, you can enjoy one of our signature cocktails such as the Cool Mango and the Keros Zombie or go for a classic Mojito, strawberry or melon Daiquiri, a Pina Colada, or a virgin cocktail. Fresh juices, cold beers or refreshments will cool you down when needed. Dare to challenge your buddies on an Ouzo, Tsipouro or local Raki shot contest. Or maybe call off the day with a glass of Greek wine while watching the sunset behind the Keros bay.

opening time:

12:00 am

closing time:

01:00 am

Eat Drink

Beach bar

During those long sunny, salty hours at the beach, the “HUNGRY LOCAL” beach bar is our refuelling oasis. Choose among a variety of drinks and refreshments including fresh juices, mojitos and frozen beers or taste anything from freshly made sandwiches and paninis, to pasta and vegetable salads, hot dogs, jacket and Kumpir potatoes or rice bowl recipes, inspired by our surf trips around our planet.

But apart from being a food and drink oasis, the Hungry Local is where we relax before and after surf sessions, we share our ‘accomplishments’ on the water, where we make new friends.

opening time:

10:00 am

closing time:

18:00 pm