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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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A Windsurf, Kitesurf and Wingfoil Playground:

Keros is a 3km protected shallow sandy bay with amazing turquoise waters and super safe conditions.


The moderate predominant Meltemi winds and the unspoiled and uncrowded setup are perfect for any type of rider, beginner or advanced. Surf Club Keros surf station is our “from surfers to surfers” approach. Located at the center of the bay, offering certified kitesurfing windsurfing and wingfoiling lessons.


Our quiver consists of the very  latest equipment offering brand new kites, boards, windsurf boards and sails. Our surf station is an IKO affiliated Kite school and IWO affiliated Wingfoil school, and all our instructors have been trained under international training schemes (IKO, IWO, VWDS, RYA, ISA).


Our Bay-surf watch is manned by seasoned trained professionals, always keeping an eye out for you. Find out more about our spot here.



Welcome to one of the best kitesurfing destinations in Europe!
at Keros is pure epic no matter your level or choice of equipment. Our 3km wide safe bay offers an abundance of space, whether you are a beginner or need space to practice your tricks. We have three spots in one bay,
which means one can enjoy flats, choppy waves or soft rolling swells at the same time. Keros is perfect for twintips, strapless surfboards or foils. Perfect for endless freeride, speeding, or big jumps. From beginners to advanced, it’s one the of best places to learn how to kitesurf or progress, regardless of your current level.



Welcome to one of the best freeride windsurfing destinations in Europe!
We have been passionate about windsurfing for the past 30 years. The moment we first came to Keros we decided to make it our home. Keros beach is the ultimate windsurfing spot. With sandy shallow waters, turquoise colors and moderate meltemi winds, this 3km bay offers dream-like conditions for all levels of riders. On a daily basis, you will see us on the water freeriding, freestyling, wave riding, blasting out on slalom board or foiling. At the same time, we take pride in teaching, passing on knowledge and passion and getting more and more people hooked up with this amazing sport. So come ride and learn with us!


Wing Foiling

Wing Foiling is super fun!  And here at Surf Club Keros we take fun seriously!  In 2022 we became the 1st IWO Affiliated center in Greece and one of the first world wide.  We are also the largest Wing Foil school in Greece. This means that all of our Wingfoil instructors are IWO certified, and we have the newest and best equipment to get you up and going in no time!

On top of that, Keros bay is one of the best locations worldwide for wing foiling.  A super safe bay, with lots of space, amazing colors, blessed with moderate Meltemi winds of 15-25 knots, make Keros a wing foiling paradise! 

Whether you are a complete beginner, or want to improve your skills and learn new tricks, Surf Club Keros is the ultimate choice!  Join us and join the fun!



Surfing is the sport of Hawaiian kings and could not be missing from our activities list!

Can you surf on Limnos? Yes. Our secret spot is a  playground for beginners and intermediates. Pure fun, uncrowded line-up, safe sandy bottom, with a generous supply of small to medium size wind-generated waves. Perfect for riding your first wave or refreshing your intermediate skills. Perfect to get addicted and hooked up with the sport!

Our experienced and motivated instructors will match you up with appropriate equipment and will make sure you have fun and progress.
We can teach in private or in groups, in Greek, English or German. Safety and fun is our top priority, guaranteed by a ‘safety first’ teaching methodology.

All lessons include  a soft deck surfboard, wetsuits, leashes and wax.

Comfort while at the beach


Keros Bay is our playground and Surf Club Keros surf station is our toy box! Located at the center of the bay, it is home to our wide range of brand new windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment. Just a few meters from the water, our ‘toys’ are available for you to use, test, compare, change sail size or board style, and of course, improve your level of fun and riding!

Even though Keros beach is one of the safest places to windsurf and kitesurf, our Surf Baywatch team is always alert, always watching, ready to provide any sort of help. Ask them for friendly tips on equipment selection and trimming or riding and nailing tricks.

Rest or sunbathe between your sessions on cosy beach armchairs or get some shade under the bamboo umbrellas.

Chill with cool showers as we hang around and share stories of big jumps, or even bigger crashes!

All of our facilities are accessible to wheelchair users.

Refuel at the “HUNGRY LOCAL” beach bar by choosing from a variety of drinks and refreshments including fresh juices, nasty mojitos and frozen beers. Feeling hungry? Taste anything from freshly made sandwiches, to pasta salads, hot dogs, or even sushi, noodles and rice recipes influenced by our surf trips around the globe.

Spoil yourselves: go shopping at the Surf Club Keros beach surf shop where you can find the latest branded Rip Curl and Protest boardshorts and bikinis, lycras, as well as some tech-wear such as gloves, spare parts, and last but not least, our wide range of Surf Club Keros branded beachwear collection!

Store your private equipment right next to the shoreline.

Tired or need a break?  Hop on and off the Surf Club Keros shuttle bus, which provides lifts from and to the camp facilities every 15 minutes.