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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Wing Foiling

Wing Foiling at Keros bay

Wing Foil with us

Wing Foiling at Keros bay is epic!
Keros is the best place you could possibly imagine to learn how to Wing Foil or progress your current level. Beginner or advanced, we ‘ve got you covered.
Our 4km wide safe bay guarantees that you will have all the space you need.  The waist deep water and sandy bottom and cross-shore winds will make learning easy and minimize stress levels.
On top of that, Surf Club Keros is the fisrt International Wing Foil Organization Affiliated center in Greece, and one of the first world wide.  Our qualified IWO instructors equipped with radio helmets will always be by your side teaching, giving drills and tips, making sure you feel safe at all times.

We have the best beginner and advanced equipment for you to learn on and progress quickly.

Come and join us on the water and let us share the secrets of this amazing sport with you.


Beginner to advanced we got you covered

Absolutely perfect for beginners,  you can learn in waist deep water by one of our qualified instructors till you feel confident and proceed to our radio assisted- deep water lesson plan. If you just feel rusty tailor-made refresher courses are available for you. Always with the use of the best, brand new Wing Foil equipment on the market, we offer lessons in Greek, English, German, French, Bulgarian, Spanish and more. Whatever your level or experience, we’ve got you covered with a specialized course.  Our lessons are taught either private or in groups. All students are provided with the latest Wing foil equipment, wetsuits, life jackets and helmets. Safety is our top priority, being guaranteed through constant monitoring, safety first teaching methodology and our always alert rescue team.   


Lesson Best sellers, Our guests prefer :

2hr First Rides

For complete beginners


per person in a group of 2

2hrs introductory course // 150€ for a Private lesson // 110 € for group of 2

3hr First Addiction

A 3hr intro lesson for maximum progress


Group of 2

3h course

Weekly Rental

Rent complete equipment


per 2h per person

A wide variety of brand new equipment available for 1 week.

Brand new RRD equipment is included.

-10% Discount when prebooking.


Rent brand new Wing foil equipment

For independent riders we’ve got a full range of brand new 2022-23 RRD wings, foils and boards.  All models of wings, boards, helmets, lifejackets and wetsuits, are available at our station.
You can start your lesson with our super beginner friendly and forgiving Air Beluga 200L and 235L on a 50cm mast, and once you get foiling and comfortable, you can drop down in volume and use a longer hydrofoil.  You will be amazed by how easy you will learn on our super fun gear!