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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Wing foiling equipment


  • We have more than 30 wings, 25 boards and 25 hydrofoil combinations for you to choose from.
  • There is one rental price category.
  • During your booking, you choose the rider category that suits you best.
  • Choose between a) Beginner and b) Advanced. This will help us have the right gear waiting for you!
  • Beginner boards:  Air Beluga 140/160/180/200/235L
  • Advanced boards:  Air Beluga Pro 80/100/115/125L & Beluga 75/90/105L
  • You do not have to choose a specific board or wing, we will have a large pool of equipment for you to choose.
  • You can choose any size of board or wing.
  • You can change the rider category on the spot, if you wish, given availability.
  • You can switch sports with no extra charge, upon availability!
    eg. from Windsurfing to Wingfoiling or Kitesurfing *for kitesurfing you have to be a Level 3 rider.
  • The use of SUP and Canoes are included in your rental package.
  • One rescue per day is free if you are renting equipment with us!
  • You can only book insurance on the spot, at our station once you arrive.

Air Beluga Y27

Game changing beginner boards

Air Beluga 235L / 200L / 160L / 140L

Air Beluga Pro Y27

Performance inflatable freeride/ freestyle

Air Beluga Pro 125L / 115L / 100L

Beluga LTE Y27

Advanced freeride/ freestyle

Beluga LTE 105L / 90L / 75L

Universal SW Alu

Entry Freeride

2400 / 2000 / 1700
masts: 50cm / 75cm / 85cm

Blaze Y27

Hi Performance Freeride / Freestyle /Wave

Blaze Alu 1850
Blaze Alu 1550
Blaze Alu 1250

Wind Wing Y27

Freeride / Freestyle / Wave

Wind Wing Y27 / 2.8m
Wind Wing Y27 / 3.5m
Wind Wing Y27 / 4.0m
Wind Wing Y27 / 4.5m
Wind Wing Y27 / 5.0m
Wind Wing Y27 / 5.5m
Wind Wing Y27 / 6.0m