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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Scuba Diving Center

Explore Keros Bay

Surf Club Keros is happy to offer you a brand new Diving Center as part of our services.

In collaboration with Black Rock we can offer you diving and snorkelling courses of all levels, for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced divers.
Now, you can enhance the fun factor of your holiday by snorkelling or Scuba diving and discovering the underwater gems of Lemnos island.
Whether you always wanted to learn to dive, or you just want to find an awesome activity for a non-windy day, we got you covered.

The Terrain

Keros bay is a perfect, friendly terrain for beginner and experienced divers, with a sandy bottom and crystal clear turquoise waters. The nearby rock formations at Kavalaris cape, plus some secret nearby gems, will keep your underwater journey unforgettable throughout your stay. We also offer further afield diving excursions across the Island of Lemnos, including the spectacular wall dives at Moúrtzephlos. There’s a wonderful collection of nudibranchs, invertebrates, crabs, shrimp, seahorses and other easily overlooked stealth critters. There’s also the chance you’ll find groupers, moray eels, eagle rays, octopus, turtles and even dolphins. We have a range of sites accessible by boat that are suitable for both beginner and advanced divers.

Black Rock is an established PADI Resort, with experience in operating diving centres in Egypt and Greece. With safety as top priority, we conform to European Standards EN 14467/ISO 24803, and are insured by DAN Europe. With top of the range professional diving equipment that is maintained regularly and washed in disinfectant everyday, you are sure to dive comfortably and safely, and have a great divine experience. Hayden, the owner of Black Rock, is a passionate diver and committed in making your diving experience a rewarding, fun and epic experience!  Nic and the rest of the staff will be there to assist you before, during and after the dive.

What we offer:

All our snorkel trips and guided dives for qualified divers are run in small, instructor to student ratios (maximum 7:1), and no mixed-experience groups. Equipment is included in prices. We run daily guided boat dives for the already qualified who want to take in the underwater scenery and do a bit of pleasure diving. You’ll find a wide variety of diving in the Aegean Sea, including walls, caverns and reefs habiting the beautiful red Mediterranean corals.

Dive Packages

1 Dive – €70

2 Dives – €125

10 Dives – €535

Refresher - 1 Day


Has it been a while since you last dived? Have kids/job/life got in the way of what once was a passion of yours, and before you know it it’s been a couple of years? Maybe a decade?? EvenLonger?! No fear, as it’s never too late to step back in, and we are here to help you do it. We offer a short course for qualified divers who are ‘rusty’. It has many names- Scuba –Review, Refresher, Reactivate, but all have the same goal. And that’s to get you back in the water. First off is a theory session to refresh your memory on all things diving including understanding the importance of safety, planning and problem solving. Then you will practise in confined waters those all-important skills to rebuild your confidence. You will be surprised how much comes back, like riding a bike. And if you do have difficulty with anything in particular we will help you through it until you are satisfied and happy. And now it’s time to reap the rewards and go on a boat dive, as soon as you have immersed yourself into that familiarity you’ll wonder why you ever left it.

Snorkel Trips - 2 to 3 hours

€35 per person

If you can’t or don’t want to dive there is nothing stopping you from witnessing the magic of the underwater world. We provide guided snorkel boat trips that people of all ages can get involved in, and is an exciting experience that the whole family can enjoy together. Quality equipment will be supplied and you’ll be accompanied by one of our experienced staff who’ll be fully equipped with first aid and oxygen, buoyancy aids for the less confident swimmers, and their never ending knowledge of the marine life you will see. You will be briefed, not just the names of the fish, but also safety for yourselves and how to respect the wildlife. A perfect activity for those no-wind days.

Free Try Dives - Once a week

Minimum age: 10 years

If you’ve never dived before but don’t want to commit to anything before trying then why not do a free try dive? We offer a one to one introduction to diving. After a short briefing the instructor we take you for a swim-around in the shallow waters of the bay, a chance to see if you are comfortable and if so, carry on the adventure!

Private Boat Trips

Duration and prices vary depending on trip. Why not break up your holiday with a change of scenery and an adventure of your own. We offer individually catered private boat trips for any who want to explore the shoreline. You’ll be joined by a qualified skipper on our 6.5 metre RIB speed boat that fully conforms with the Greek Marine Authority and is equipped with all safety measures to ensure a fun but relaxing voyage, knowing you’re in safe hands.


Discover Freediving – ½ day


Also known as Apnea, Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers’ ability to hold their breath until resurfacing rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. Learn breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that increase your deeper levels of awareness, lung capacity, perception, and control over your body.

Discover Scuba Diver – ½ day

€105 – Minimum age: 10 years

Begin the adventure and broaden your horizons with the world’s most popular introduction to diving. Learn the knowledge and skills to prepare and build awareness of the underwater world. Then join your instructor and experience the thrill of your first dive out in the open water, travelling by boat on the Dive Centre’s RIB. Ideal activity for friends and families to experience together.

Scuba Diver - 2 to 3 days

€375 – Minimum age: 10 years

Not much time but still want to earn a SCUBA Certification? Introducing the Scuba Diver Course, a pre-entry level certification that qualifies you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres under the supervision of a Divemaster or higher level of professional ranking. This course comprises of the Open Water Diver first three knowledge development sessions and the first three training dives, followed by the first two open water dives out on the Dive Centre’s RIB. Complete the remaining knowledge development, training and open water dives and time in the future to attain the full Open Water diver certification.

Open Water Diver - 4 to 5 days

€549 – Minimum age: 10 years

The world’s most widely recognised diving certification and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle, the Open Water Diver is a full entry level course that allows you to dive independently to a maximum depth of 18 metres. Our instructors will take you through the basics of learning how to dive so you can explore a whole new world. The course comprises of five training dives, five knowledge development sessions, and four open water dives out on the Dive Centre’s RIB

Advanced Open Water Diver - 2 to 3 days

€425 – Minimum age: 12 years

Try some of diving’s most rewarding and useful specialty activities. To boost your confidence, deep and underwater navigation are compulsory, then choose three further boat dives from a widevariety including fish identification, digital photography, peak performance and drift diver to complete your course and qualify you to dive to a maximum depth of 30 metres. (Must be Open Water certified or equivalent to participate.)

Open Water Referral - 2 days

€330 – Minimum age: 12 years

The Open Water Referral is when you have already completed the theory and confined sessions of the Open Water Course, whether this was on a previous holiday or at home. Then all you have to do is the four open water dives then you’re a qualified diver! (Must have done theory and confined sessions for the Open Water course within 12 months.)

Rescue Diver - 2 to 3 days

€490 – Minimum age: 12 years

Expand your knowledge and experience level, learn to look beyond yourself and consider the safety and well-being of other divers. Rescue diver training will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. You’ll cover; self-rescue and diver stress; emergency management and equipment; panicked diver response; in-water rescue breathing protocols; egress (exits); and dive accident scenarios. Many divers say this is the best course they’ve ever taken and the most challenging! (Must be first aid qualified-refreshed within 2 years, and Advanced Open Water certified or equivalent to participate).