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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Windsurfing at Keros beach

Windsurf with us

We have been passionate about windsurfing for the past 30 years.  The moment we first came to Keros we decided to make it our home.  Keros beach is the ultimate windsurfing spot.  With sandy shallow waters, turquoise colors and moderate meltemi winds, this 3km bay offers dream-like conditions for all levels of riders.  On a daily basis you will see us on the water freeriding, freestyling, wave riding, blasting out on slalom board or foiling.  At the same time, we take pride in teaching, passing on knowledge and passion and getting more and more people hooked up with this amazing sport.  So come ride and learn with us!


Beginner to advanced we got you covered

Α super safe sandy beach with turquoise water and moderate wind strength, matched with a motivated team of qualified instructors is a successful recipe for fun and progression, both for beginners and advanced windsurfers. Our top shelf certified, experienced and motivated instructors, will teach you efficiently using a safe teaching methodology and the best equipment, whether a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced rider. We can offer windsurfing lessons in Greek, English, German, French, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish and more. Whatever your level we have a course for you. We teach in private or in groups. All students are provided with the latest windsurfing gear, wetsuits, harnesses, life jackets and helmets. Safety and stress less joy is our top priority, guaranteed through constant monitoring, safety first teaching methodology and our always alert rescue team. 

Lesson Best sellers, Our guests prefer :

Beginner full course

For complete beginners


Private one on one

8 hrs + 2hrs free rental. 300€ pp for a group lesson

Kids beginner course

tailor made fun kids beginner lessons


private tuition

4h course private

Advanced 2h tuition

Take your skills to the next level


private tuition

Set your goals and rip . Learn to jump, to jibe, to land your first FWD loop .

Brand new RRD equipment is included.

-10% Discount when prebooking.


Rent brand new windsurfing equipment.

For our independent riders visiting us we have a full range of 2022 RRD windsurfing boards and sails, rigged on RDM 80% masts and performance booms.  All models of sails, boards, booms, masts,harnesses, helmets, lifejackets and wetsuits, are available at our school, at every size and model . Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, we got you covered.  Whether you are after easy freeride boards, freestyle-wave, slalom and wave boards and sails,  windsurf hydrofoils, we got you covered.  Avoid the hassle and expense of carrying your own gear, try a new, top of the line model and make own test ride, change size whenever you feel like it and just store everything just a few steps away from the shoreline. Feel totally safe under the constant monitoring of our rescue team.  Go hassle free by choosing a full insurance package option and just the wind, sun and waves!

Rentals Best Sellers, our guests prefer :

1 week advanced equipment rental

full quiver rental


a week

incl. sail, board, harness, wetsuit and rescues. Insurance available on the spot.

1 week beginner equipment rental

full equipment rental


per person

Book beginner equipment for 1 week

Equipment Storage

store your sails and boards at the beach


per week per locker

Each locker can fit 1-2 boards and 2-3 complete rigs. You can leave your sails trimmed without the boom.

-10% Discount when prebooking.