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Why Keros is a great family holiday destination

An interview with

Christina Kontova


Christina Kontova is a fashion designer & celebrity in the Greek show biz.  Designer and owner of beach wear and swim wear brand  ‘watermelon’, and ‘ckontova’ clothing line, Christina is a frequent visitor of Keros, where she enjoys tranquility and precious family time.


In this interview she shares the highlights of her family visits:


SCK: What brought you to Surf Club Keros in the first place?

CK: Actually, i had heard about Surf Club Keros and i planned to visit at some point, although i did not have any watersports experience. And one day out of the blue, i got a message from Surf Club Keros, inviting me to visit as an ambassador for the ‘Mom & Grom’ event.  The whole experience was super fun, and since then i have visited again, with my family and friends.


SCK: What do you think makes Surf Club Keros a great family destination?

CK:  Overall there are many things that contribute to having a great family vacation.  I would say the feeling of safety, being so close to nature, meeting new people and seeing your kid make friendships, and of course, peace of mind and relaxation.



SCK:  What did you think about the accommodation type and surroundings?

CK: Well the safari tents are amazing, i say ‘tents’ but they are much more than tents.  First of all they are very cosy and they give you this adventurous ‘camping’ or ‘safari’ feeling.  At the same time they are equipped with everything you need for comfort and luxury:  A/C, spacious bathroom and WC, coffee machine, high speed Wi-Fi internet, mini-fridge, safe box, and a spacious veranda to relax in the evenings with a great view.  The daily housekeeping made the experience even more care-free!


SCK:  How about the beach facilities and watersports?  Were they suitable for the whole family?

CK: To get to the beach you can either walk (10-12mins) or use the free shuttle from the camp to the beach.  We enjoyed walking in the evenings when it was cooler, but the rest of the day we used the shuttle.

The beach is very family friendly and safe, as it is very shallow, and sandy, without waves or hazards.  

Taking part in windsurfing or any similar watersport with your whole family is a great bonding experience!  Not only do the kids and parents have fun together, but you create memories that last a lifetime.  It is also a great opportunity to meet other families with kids and create friendships.  My favorite sport is probably surfing. I enjoyed it a lot, even though I do not consider myself as a very athletic person!

At the beach you can find umbrellas with beach beds, and our favorite was the beach bar, where we could find a variety of food.  I loved that there were healthy options for all the family, such as noodles, salads, rice bowls, instead of only hot dogs, chips etc.


SCK:  What was your impression of safety, regarding the kids and activities?

CK: As i said, the beach is very safe by default. Very shallow, with soft sand and no rocks.  At the same time, during the lessons, the water sport instructors take good care of the kids, are always very close to them and give you a sense of control.  The rescue service is always there supervising, and even the staff on the beach are very polite and helpful.  My kids really enjoyed windsurfing as it is much easier than what we expected!

All of the above gives me a sense of security, allowing me to relax on the beach.


SCK: Did you take part in any other activities:

CK:  Of course, we visited the sand dunes and did sand boarding which the kids found amazing!  The scenery is very extraordinary and you don’t expect to find it on a Greek island!

I personally enjoyed the SUP crossing, although i think it was a bit too much for my daughter due to her age.

Our favourite bonding experience was the walking meditation in the Salt lake, which is very close to the camp.  The terrain is almost extraterrestrial, and participating in a group meditation there gives you a surreal experience!

The kids also enjoyed the trip to Myrina and the castle where we saw the herds of deer that live in around the castle.  


SCK:  What is your general impression of Limnos island?

CK:  Limnos island has very unique landscapes and is not similar to any other Greek island.  You will not find the typical white houses with blue roof tops and rocky landscapes.  But you will find amazing beaches (more than 100 on the island), a laid back atmosphere, uncrowded locations, great places to eat, and the feeling that you are 30-40 years back in time.  You will see donkeys in the villages, you will discover that siesta time still exists and you will experience true Greek hospitality.
I totally recommend at least one of the above if you can motivate yourself enough to ‘leave’ the comfort of Keros for a half day escape.


SCK: Overall impression as a family destination?

CK: Keros is now our favourite place, and we look forward to our annual visit.  The kids have fun, i feel very secure which allows me to relax and enjoy our holidays, and at the same time we take part in watersports and activities makes us bond as a family and creates memories that last a lifetime.