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Local microbreweries


As part of our actions to support the local economy of the North Aegean region, we decided to completely redesign our beer menu.

In our search to find local microbreweries from the nearby islands, we discovered many gems we didn’t even know that were out there, offering you a unique beer tasting experience.

Our beer journey starts from the close by and spectacular island of Samothraki, heads further South to Lesvos, Chios and Ikaria, and ends somewhere in the central Aegean islands of Santorini and Folegandros. Enjoy!




Yellow Donkey is a Lagered Ale beer from Santorini.

It relies on a mixture of hops including Aurora and Styrian Golding which produces a refreshing citrus taste, as well as contributing natural antioxidants and antibacterial elements.  Slightly bitter tones refine and invigorate the overall flavor, creating the perfect accompaniment for a meal by the sea, relaxing at the beach or hanging out at a favorite watering hole.

Crazy Donkey is historicaly the first IPA beer produced in Greece.  Large quantities of hops such as Cascade and Nelson Sauvin combine in an exuberant tropical aroma and a refreshing and characteristic IPA bitter aftertaste.




56 Isles Pilsner is a rich foam beer, fermented with the cool flavors of Parian barley that grows under the sun on the shores of the Aegean.  The use of barley grown on the island gives a special flavor to the beer due to the microclimate of the island. Ikariotissa is a beer from the island of Ikaria.

It’s Ale beer has been awarded by the International Taste Institute.




Nissiopi Blonde Ale is a blonde easy-to-drink foam Ale, characterized by its dry and sweet aftertaste and the distinctive aromas of citrus fruits.




Ikariotissa Lager beer is fresh, sterile, without preservatives, with water from the natural springs of Ikaria! A classic lager recipe with intense golden color and rich taste with aromas of malt and citrus.




Katsika Pilsner is a light blurred blonde, slightly bitter and pleasant.  With typical aromas of malt, hops and yeast, the taste is bitter, thirsty and with a moderate aftertaste.




Mandy Black export stout is a beer that will excite every beer lover of dark beers but also will be liked by many who ‘do not drink dark beers’.  

Dr. Haze Double IPA is full of dry and thirsty, balanced bitter-sweet and sometimes fragrant.  




A peachy pale ale with aroma of hops and fruit, having a soft, pilowy mouthfeel, full bodied and quiet strong at 6,2% alc.  Fonias Pale Ale beer is handcrafted unpasteurized and fresh, so it keeps nutrients intact in beer.




Mikonu IPA is the most bitter and aromatic beer of Mykonos.  An intense taste, juicy feeling and long lasting biterness and sweet aftertaste.  Her body is fluffy and naturally cloudy with thick foam.

Mikonu Blonde saison.  The aromatic profile is full of citrus, rose, spices and banana with yeast passages.  The low alcohol, together with its dry profile make it an excellent food accompaniment.




Flaros Ale is an easy to drink Pale ale with golden blonde color and aromas of mango, papaya and blueberry.  Its body is light to medium and flavors mix cereals with tropical fruits and conifers.  Bitter aftertaste with a feeling of freshness.