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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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The Vineyard Project

“There used to be a vineyard right here in the old days.  But one day a sand storm came and covered everything up!” said the local that sold us part of the camp property.

The sandy and volcanic soil of Limnos, together with the dry summer climate, provide the perfect environment for cultivating vines and producing wine..  Limnos wine has been famous since ancient Greek times.  Homer mentions it in the ‘Iliad’, Aristophanes in ‘Eirini’ and it is said to be Aristoteles favorite wine.

Photo: Discover Greece

So here at Surf Club Keros in 2020 we took a small step towards bringing back tradition and restoring some of the area’s local history.  We planted a vineyard in our property from a traditional local variety of wine.  The variety we planted was the ‘Kalambaki’ or ‘Limnio’, which is a red, dry, aromatic wine.  The stems came from an old vineyard nearby.
Our young vineyard is within our camp surroundings, is visitable, and anticipates in bringing guests and friends closer to the land, local culture and tradition.

Repeater guests can ‘adopt’ and tag a vine tree, and see how the progress goes throughout the years, until the day that our vineyard can produce some organic, traditional wine that we can share together or you can take home.

Will your favorite wine be the same as Aristoteles?  Ask at our front office about adopting a root.