An interview with Eirini Tsarpali - Surf Club Keros
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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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An interview with Eirini Tsarpali

An interview with

Eirini Tsarpali, Greek National Surf Team member, Bikini Tribe ambassador.


Eirini is one of the best Greek surfers, represents Greece in international surfing events such as Olympic qualifiers, and for 2024 is one of the ambassadors for the Girls Only Bikini Tribe surf camps, on Limnos, Greece!


Age: 36

Sport: SURF

Hometown: ATHENS



Favorite spot in Greece:  LAGOUVARDOS MESSINIAS

Favorite spot abroad: SULTANS MALDIVES






SCK: What do you love about surfing?

Surfing is my escape from everyday life and routine. I love the connection with the water, the thrill of riding a beautiful wave, overcoming my fears, and the personal growth that comes from setting and achieving bigger goals while stepping out of my comfort zone.

SCK: Do you think more and more women should learn how to surf?

Absolutely. We are living in an era where women are breaking free from stereotypical roles and discovering their passions. In this spirit, I believe more women should experiment with water sports and learn how to surf.

SCK: What are the obstacles for women entering the world of watersports?

One major obstacle is the lack of companionship, as women often don’t have friends to join them on this journey. That’s why I believe surf camps, like the “Bikini Tribe” by Keros, offer a great opportunity to build a network of like-minded women and share these experiences.

SCK: What is your message for women that want to pick up surfing?

Just do it! Surfing is a sport you can enjoy regardless of your level. There are many different types of boards and styles to choose from. As long as you respect the rules and those around you, you have every right to be there.

SCK: Do you practice any other watersports or extreme sports?

Growing up, I spent a lot of time hiking, rock climbing, and mountaineering. Naturally, I soon started snowboarding, but after discovering surfing, I got hooked. I’ve also tried windsurfing and loved it, and I occasionally skateboard at a nearby park.

SCK: Do you practice on land? Eg gym, pilates, cardio etc?

I try to stay fit and active. I follow a weekly schedule that includes going to the gym three times and swimming twice when possible. I also go to a rock climbing gym as much as I can.

SCK: Tell us about representing the Greek national team and what did it mean for you? How did you feel?

Representing my country is the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. It’s an honor to compete at a national level in the sport I love. Being the first female representative living in Greece proved that girls can achieve this. Meeting my teammates, our manager, coach, and surfers from around the world filled my heart with joy and pride.

SCK: How high is the level of the national competition/ Olympic qualifiers? Is it hard for someone from a country like Greece to advance?

The level at the Olympic qualifiers is extremely high, with the best surfers from around the world competing. Most are professional athletes who have dedicated themselves to surfing from a young age and have all necessary resources. With 65 countries vying for 10 spots for men and 12 for women, it’s challenging for someone from Greece to advance. However, our team has performed admirably, improving our rankings with each participation. I believe that although it’s hard, it’s not impossible, and no one knows what the future holds.

SCK: What do you know about Surf Club Keros and are you excited to visit?

I’m super excited to visit Surf Club Keros, a place I’ve always wanted to go. I know that the natural beauty of Lemnos Island combined with the amazing facilities at the club creates a perfect environment for watersport enthusiasts.

SCK: Some words about the Bikini Tribe Girls only surf camps:

The Bikini Tribe Girls only surf camps are an amazing initiative to help girls connect with water sports and each other. I can’t wait to join you.

SCK: Thank you for the interview! See you at the Bikini Tribe!

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