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To Wing or not to Wing!?

The Wind Wing entered our screens a few years ago with awesome videos from Hawaii and Kai Lenny and other pioneers.

The sport slowly showed up on beaches and has rapidly spread into exponential growth.

To some it looked cool and futuristic, to some it looked completely silly and pointless.


So what is the deal?  Is it worth giving it a try?  Is it the future?  Is it a trend that will not really last long?


Well, here at Surf Club Keros we treat it in the same way we treat all wind-powered watersports:  An exciting new toy in our toy quiver!


Meaning that whether or not it is here to stay, it will definitely spice up the time on water for those that give it a try.


So, is it for you?  

Are you going to drop that windsurfing sail, or kitesurfing boom, jump on the wing and never look back?  Is it going to find balance with your other watersport toys on the water?

Pro’s: Why start NOW!

Pro’s: Why start NOW

  1. You are stuck at the same level with your current sport and almost feel bored, or you don’t get any more excitement.  Giving a new sport a try will definitely get some adrenaline and excitement in your life!
  2. You already know more or less how it is supposed to work.  The Wind Wing is a combination between Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and maybe SUP.  Unofficial statistics claim that 30% of Wind Wingers come from windsurfing, 40% from kitesurfing, and about 30% are complete newcomers to watersports.  So if you are already on the water, you can skip a big part of the learning process.
  3. Amount of equipment.  You need much less equipment to Wind Wing.  Boards are relatively small, the wings are small, there are no connective elements (bars, mast bases), you do not even need a harness!  I remember the first few times walking to the water if felt like i forgot something, because there was not so much equipment involved.  Especially with the new inflatable boards, you could fit the equipment of your whole family in the boot of your car!
  4. You will get to experience the hydrofoil sensation.  If you haven’t already tried to hydrofoil while windsurfing or kitesurfing, maybe this is the chance you have been waiting for to experience the ultimate sensation of flying over water, without effort, noise, or bumps.  The ‘magic carpet’ feeling of hydrofoils is definitely something you have to try out.
  5. You need much, much less space than other sports, especially kitesurfing.  Actually, you don’t even need a beach.  You just need access to the water.  You could even enter the water from a marina or jetty.  Now think about how many beaches you have crossed out for windsurfing or kitesurfing because of the lack of space, or gusty winds.
  6. Steady winds are not really a prerequisite.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone prefers stable winds, but with the Wind Wing you can pump yourself over lulls, or adjust the wing through wind shifts quite easily.  Not really the case with other watersports.
  7. You enjoy going on sailing vacations, or you use a sailboat often.  Wind Wing equipment is compact, plus it is super easy to launch off a sailing boat!  Just imagine trying to rig windsurfing equipment on a monohull!  Or launching a kite! Possible yes, lots of trouble? Also yes.  

Cons-Why not to start!

Cons-Why not to start

  1. You absolutely LOVE windsurfing or kitesurfing, you are making progress and it completely fills up your life and energy levels.  Well, it is always good to try out something new, but if it doesn’t fill in a gap in your soul, you don’t necessarily have to!


  1. It is a new sport, so there will be lots of falling off, jumping back on.  Plus, you will engage new muscle groups that are not used to doing all the work, so it will not be a walk in the park.  Learning to control the wing, and hydrofoiling at the same time, is a complicated process. 
  2. The hydrofoil can potentially be dangerous, so make sure to wear a helmet, impact vest, and maybe a long-legged wetsuit, at least until you are comfortably riding.  Even a small cut from the foil can ruin your holidays.
  3. Get ready to pump.  You will need to readjust your perspective of getting on the hydrofoil.  In windsurfing and kitesurfing, you get foiling more or less by gaining speed, and pushing on the back foot to create lift.  The big difference with Wind Wing boards is that they are not meant to ‘glide’ and pick up speed.  This is because the rails are super rounded and soft, and the hull is concaved, making touch-downs more smooth, and making pumping with your feet possible. 
    Therefore you will need to synchronize pumping with the wing, and pumping the board with your feet, which will get you into cardio levels.
    The good news is that when your body figures this out, you will be foiling in almost no wind.  Until you do so, you will need at least 3-4 knots more to get going.
  4. You LOVE the feeling crispy feeling of a planing windsurf or kitesurf board on the water and cannot live without it.  Well, Wind Wing is 100% part of the hydrofoil world, so you cannot have the feeling of both worlds.



  1. If you are already a windsurfer or kitesurfer, have a few hydrofoil lessons with the sport you already are familiar with.  Hydrofoiling is a complete new category of riding, so it is better to learn while holding onto something familiar (kite or sail), rather that trying to manage both wing and hydrofoil
  2. Spend a significant amount of time on the beach, playing with the wing.  It is better getting to know how it works without falling off 🙂
  3. Use a HUGE board on your first sessions.  You need a steady platform to learn how to glide, do turns, and figure out the wing.
  4. Always keep the back hand pulled in, even a little bit.  It is impressive how the wind wing ‘locks’ into position when it has the right amount of back hand pressure.
  5. Know how to come back to the beach if you end up downwind or if you are having difficulties.  It is quite simple with the wind wing, but watch a few youtube videos so you are prepared.


Eager to get started?  Here at Surf Club Keros we will have a great quiver of Wind Wing equipment waiting for you for this summer!  Starting from easy beginner boards, ranging down to 95L intermediate boards.  Check with our bookings department to book you lesson!

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