Our restaurant: more than a public area.

An all day cafe-restaurant. This is start and end of your day, where you tell your stories, take a break, work on your laptop, have a nice dinner or just relax and enjoy the view.

In the midtime the restaurant is always open for you throughout the day, for a quick snack or a freshly made sandwich made by village bread loaf feta cheese, tomatoes and local oregano. Or to grab a light lunch, like a traditional Greek salad, or a local pasta dish of flomaria with chopped vegetables and herbs, always accompanied with iced beverage and the local well known wines.

Moreover for those who take special care of their diet, a light/less-calories and a vegetarian selection of choices is there to every single meal and buffet, in order to satisfy every need.

For our young guns and the rulers of the family special care has been taken, in order their needs (in terms of nutrition, energy and health) and their likes (in terms of taste and quantity) to be fulfilled.