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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Adopt a tree


Repeater guests feel a mutual connection with Surf Club Keros.  Whether it is the land, the people, or the moments, many of you choose to visit again.

We truly value this mutual connection and as an symbolic effort to lever it up and give something back, in 2021 we are introducing the ‘adopt a tree’ concept.

The ‘adopt a tree concept’ is simple.  If you are a repeater guest, during your stay, we prepare together a label with your family names.  Then, in our developing vineyard (planted in 2020), we label a vine.

This vine symbolicaly belongs to you, and you can see it grow, together with the other vines, into a full scale vineyard of local variety vines.
And in a few years, you will find yourself with an organic and localy produced bottle of Keros wine or tsipouro.  You can share here at Keros to celebrate, or you can take it back home and share the Keros love and spirit with family and friends.

Every time you visit, you adopt a new vine tree 🙂