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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Thai Massage Training Course

40hours of Certified Tuition

Dates 12-19 June 2021

The Course

This 7 day high quality training course covers the main techniques and theory of Thai massage , providing students with the skills they need for their further progression. Wether you have no previous experience or you  are a bodywork professional, a yogi, a new practitioner or and just want to change career and follow a new path this training can be a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth and professional transformation.

Completing  this course you get 40h of certified training by “Ong’s Thai massage school” an approved  Thai massage school  which runs under  the Thai ministry of education

Within a Spa like Tent , in the heart of a protected ecosystem Krystalia Koutsouridou  your certified instructor will share with you her knowledge, prepare your mind and soul to master the art of Thai.

Learn more about Krystalia your instructor below 

"Ong's Thai Massage School" is certified by :


The Package

Combine this course with FUN ! We got you covered. Accommodation, Catering, Daily yoga plus side activities will make this training course a memorable experience.

7 nights, 6 days of lessons

Thai Massage Training Course


per person

This is not just a training course but a unique experience in an amazing location

Combine this course with watersports on your free time and get 20% off in surfing windsurfing kitesurfing lessons or rentals


7 nights shared accommodation by 3 or 4 participants in a Medium, Large or XLarge luxury tent


Daily yoga classes. Either morning or evening sessions. Including 1 SUP yoga session as well


7 days halfboard. Morning and dinner buffet

SUP session

We have included 1 Sup crossing session to enjoy the sunset


Just let us know about your time of arrival and we ll be there to pick you up

Beach Party

Farewell beach party including BBQ and cocktails

Training course

40 hours of certified tuition . 6 days of 7 hours of training per day theory and practice. (including 2hours of exams ).You will receive a training manual as well

Ready to become a Thai Massage Professional ?

At the end of this course you will be able to offer 2+ hrs treatment in 4 different positions : supine, prone position, side and sitting position!

Therapeutic Art

Thai Massage (Nuad Boran)

Therapeutic art, known as Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Boran) is a holistic system that combines rhythmic pressure,(involving fingers, Palms, elbows, feet) energy balancing techniques, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted Yoga postures, focusing on the basic energy lines of the body(Sen/Meridians).
An integral part of traditional medicine has as its theoretical basis in the belief that all forms of life are sustained by a vital force (Chi, Prana, Lom) that is carried along invisible pathways (SEN) that run through our bodies. The intention of the Thai massage practitioner is to release the blocked energy of these pathways, which result in disease and dysfunction, to stimulate the natural flow of the life-force and maintain a general balance of wellness.
The practice of Thai Massage is also a spiritual discipline as it incorporates meditative principles of Mindfulness and Loving Kindness (METTA).

Meet your instructor

Krystalia Koutsouridou

I was born in Thessaloniki where I studied Maintenance of Historical and Traditional Buildings. My intense interest in cultures and traditions has led me to travel to many parts of the world and from a young age to consider myself a “citizen of the world.”My first contact with Thai therapy came by learning Wat pho style and then I was taken to Northern Thailand to delve deeper into the “Sacred Art”.I am a graduate of the “Old medicine hospital & Thai massage school Shivagakomarpaj” and I have completed the Foundation teacher training program at “The School of Thai massage for health” and the “Professional teacher training at Ong school”. I was taught alongside Jack Chayia japsen style, Advanced Techniques with Bob Haddad, Thai foot reflexology at Jerra’s school and traditional therapies such as Toksen and Yamkang, Timmy’s training center and HangDong School. I traveled to faraway Bali, to the Buddha home school and with Alfred Hacker I met the herbal remedies, Thai herbal and Thai acupressure. I have attended seminars such as Thai Abdominal, Trigger points, Bamboo massage, pregnancy massage, with loincloth (Pha Khaw Ma) etc. with renowned teachers, while Great inspiration and special honor is my contact with Master Pichest Boonthumme and  the blind therapist Ajarn Sinchai! I continue to be a dedicated student, following my path through Thai therapy and maintaining a positive attitude towards life. In recent years I have been teaching my art’s techniques with all my love, wisdom and respect, as my teachers taught me.


Learn to windsurf or kitesurf

Get ready for the most diverse training course ever. Take advantage of your stay in Europes best watersports destination and learn to windsurf to surf or to kitesurf ! Benefit of a 20% discount in all watersports. 


In amazing Limnos, Greece

The program takes place in an unspoiled slice of paradise in the heart of Europe. Limnos is a beautifully diverse location, with amazing scenery, white sandy beaches, turquoise waist-deep water, and awesome waves!


Professional training

We take your instruction very seriously. You will sit with the best and learn with the best. The training is absolutely phenomenal, as will your time at Surf club Keros  going to be.

Thai Massage Training Course

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