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IWO Instructors Training Course

Become a certified IKO

Become a certified IWO Instructor

Turn your passion into your dream job! Become a certified IWO Wingfoil instructor, and teach in kite schools all around the world.

Take part in the scheduled courses and become certified by the International Wingfoil Organization.




What are the prerequisites ?

In order to attend the course you will need to be:

– over 18 years old
– a Level 4 kiteboarder (e.g. go upwind, do jumps, ride toe side and land a few rotation jumps)
– able to understand, speak, and write in English. The whole course is in English and you will be using weather, equipment, and teaching terminology.

Assistant Instructor Course

This is the first course you have to attend. It is the transition from a kiteboarder into the world of teaching. Here you will learn the basic elements of teaching and IKO methodology. You cannot attend the ITC without attending and completing this course.

First Aid Course

You will need this course to get certified as an instructor. If you allready have a valid official First Aid liscence (not older than 24 months) you might not need to attend this course. You will have to send us your certificate for evaluation.

Instructors Training Course

During this 5 (or 6) day* course you will learn the essentials of IKO methodology, safety, and teaching. Get ready for full days of theory, practice, live teaching, and of course, the final exam. The course is demanding, but if you take it seriously and pay attention during the classes, you should not have a problem passing.
*1 extra day is scheduled in case it is needed due to lack of teaching conditions

The Waiver Form is needed once you enroll in one of the IKO course.  You will find an option to upload it in the form below.  The waiver form is additional to your course registration.  It does not mean that you are automaticaly registered.


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