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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Green Policies

Our Green & Social devotion

We will respect and protect the ecosystem that we share.

We will try to heal the unavoidable wounds that human interference causes.


To the earth :

to calculate and reduce our carbon footprint annually // to lift pressure off the environment by using eco-friendly and removable structures after the season ends, preserving landscape quality and reducing noise // to practice silent, emission free watersports (no recreational motorsports) // to use cleaner energy by adopting technologies of renewable energy resources // to manage water waste by installing a bio-treatment unit for all grey/dark water that will water our plants and trees // to manage Compost, to recycle food and to avoid littering // to Minimize PET bottle consumption // to Adopt recycling strategies // to Up-cycle wherever possible (school equipment, furniture etc) // to use biodegradable plastics for packaging and F&B use // to adopt refiling and reusable product packaging for our operations // to brand and market our business Green in order to influence and to commit // to adopt paperless and print-less billing and administration practices and procedures // to Adopt certification schemes like Green key, EU Ecolabel and EMAS.

All of us or none

Our social pledge :

We will keep caring even strongly for the people that live and share this environment. Our customers, our staff, local community and local economy by:

To organize local youth training schemes that will hopefully generate a local culture and trend based on local water sports activities and will consequently boost local involvement and future employment // to empower local synergies, boosting local employment,adopting local customs and ethics and respecting the cultural wealth // to develop and highlight the historical heritage of the community’s authentic culture, traditions and character // to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the community, including social structures, access to resources, facilities and public goods for all // to avoid any form of social degradation and exploitation // to organize and expand training and community camps such as Keros For All, Girls Camps and Surfing Birds children camps