Daily Yoga

Practice your daily yoga in a relaxing, eco friendly surrounding within our premises...

Yoga is all about balance in your body, your mind and your soul.  It is also the best way to start and end your day, before and after a full day in the water.  Yoga prepares your body to wake up, start functioning, and be mentaly and physicaly ready for daily activities.  It gives you more balance during watersports and activities, and of course, it is the best way to treat your body for recovery after a long day.

Morning and evening yoga from our Yoga deck
Wake up early and enjoy peace and quiet while practicing yoga above Keros bay.  Our yoga deck is integrated within the natural landscape of our premices, and it is not uncommon to see rabbits, birds, and other wildlife just a few meters from your practice area.

Our afternoon sessions are perfectly timed to start and finish just before food is served, so treat your body with some love, before treating yourself with delicious mediterranean cusine from our buffet.

SUP Yoga

Join the new trend!  Practice yoga while on water!

Our specialized SUP Yoga Hub is the best way to combine being at the beach and in the water, with practicing Yoga!  Up to 16 people can join per session (30 mins) while your instructor is right next to you, on the floating Yoga hub.

This is a very fun and social workout, and it is also a great way to cool down your body from the midday heat.

It's FUN, it's EASY!  All excersizes are specialy selected so everyone can join.  Although it might seem hard, it is for all levels of participants.  Try it our and you will be hooked!