Keros is a turquoise slice of paradise, in Limnos, Greece.

A big, sandy and safe beach with beautiful colours, surrounded by sand dunes and nature.

A peaceful place, with great vibes, endless space and wonderful nature.

You will absolutely love the safety of the bay, and you will happily cruise in over the crystal clear waters of Keros, a perfect environment for you to learn and progress your skills.

Three spots in one, how's that for variety?

Keros beach provides 3 different spots on one beach, all of them safe and sandy, perfect for learning and improving your skills.

  • Super Flat Section

    This part is any place upwind from our school. The more upwind you go, the flatter the water gets. Go up there and check it out. This place will surprise you. You can ride on super glassy tyrqoise crystal clear water, while you can see your shadow on the 1ft deep white sandy bottom.
    Pros: super beautiful, super flat. Cons: some boats, buoys, and swimmers on high season. The wind is offshore.

  • Tiny Chop, our school location

    A flat spot with tiny chop on some days (when we say tiny we mean tiny 10-20cm). The chop increases as you go downwind, providing you with some nice kickers which give you nice pop in order to practice jump tricks or freestyle tricks.

  • Wave Spot

    The South part of the bay offers you a super safe mini-wave spot. The waves are relatively small, but with nice distance between them, and a perfect cross-shore wind direction. So whether you want nice kickers for air tricks, or whether you are new into wave sailing, this spot provides you all you may need. Again, the bottom is sandy and shallow. The waves can get big on strong wind days.