Learn how to SURF in Limnos.

Given the incredible ease of learning on school soft deck boards, and seeing all those smiles after sessions in Limnos summer waves, we decided to increase the fun factor and get you the time of your life learning the basics of surfing!

"You don’t need 6ft Hawaiian waves and barrels to surf. A famous surfer once said: The best surfer out there, is the surfer having the most fun."

  • This is what you get

    Nice and easy conditions, sandy beaches, Greek summer blue skies and turquoise waters, 1-3 ft waves, and a qualified fun teacher to show you how!  Learning to surf with us, you will get a great first experience in the sport of surfing, and build a solid basis to move on to an intermediate level.

  • Where do we surf?

    Surf lessons usually take place at Madonna beach, a secret spot about 20 min drive from Keros.  Sign up, jump in our surf-van, and enjoy the drive through amazing wild landscapes.  Madonna is a spectacular beach, with wild nature and amazing waves to learn how to surf.  You will probably have it all to your own.  So make sure you have fun, and leave nothing behind but footprints.

  • Your instructor.

    The surf lessons will be carried out by our qualified surf instructors. They all are super friendly and will get you on that board in no time.

  • Who can surf?

    Anyone can give it a go, children from 5 years old, people that have never surfed before, families. Now surfing has become as easy and as simple as it should be. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the waves, enjoy the beach, smile and have fun!

  • Equipment

    Our board quiver is completed by 8′ and 9′ soft deck boards, which are ideal for learning the basics of surfing in Greece’s summer waves. We also provide you with wetsuits, a leash, wax, and anything else that you will possibly need.

  • What do you need to bring

    You will need to wear sunscreen, boardshorts or swimwear, and if you choose to wear sunglasses, make sure they are attached to you somehow so you don’t loose them. Other than that, we got you covered!

Surf lessons format and price list.

  • Surf Safari Prices

    €80 private lesson (1,5 hours) €50 group lessons (2-6 people, 1,5-2 hours) Includes equipment & transfer.
    €220 Three-session private course
    €120  Three-session group course

    Location: Madonna beach, Afrika point

    *minimum 2 people

  • Rentals

    1 hour rental €15 (incl. leash)

    1 day rental €40 wetsuit: €5 per hour / €10 half day / €15 per day

    Insurance 1 h – 3 Euros, 2 h – 5 Euros and 1 day – 7 Euros

Book Your LessonEmail us now to learn more and book your session.

You can e-mail us directly at bookings@surfclubkeros.com to get more info and apply. Till then…aloha from Keros Surf Team!