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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Why work with us

Work at Surf Club Keros

Working at Surf Club Keros is a great experience in many different ways.

You get to work at a unique place.  Keros and its surroundings are part of a protected ecosystem, away from mass tourism.  The area is focused around watersports and nature and reflects such vibes.  


You get to meet people from all over the world:  More than 90 people work at Surf Club Keros during high season, from different parts of the world.  Our volunteer program contributes to the multi-cultural aspect of our business, as we get people from even the most remote parts of the world to join us.


Surf Club Keros was founded ‘from surfers, for surfers’, as we like to say.  The 3 owners are true watermen and have travelled all around the world and surfed in every ocean.  They are frequent windsurfers, kitesurfers, wingfoilers and surfers, and you will see them on the beach daily.  


You will get to work for one of the best and most recognized companies in the watersports hospitality industry.  You will learn a lot of skills, procedures, softwares, and work with a very big team, from many different departments, giving you skills and credits for any future business pursuit. 

There are many long-term employment opportunities at Surf Club Keros, as it is always expanding, operationally and geographically.


Surf Club Keros bikini tribe

Watersports and Hospitality

The success of Surf Club Keros is that it operates in a great range of fields, putting together a complete watersports & khospitality package for our clients.  We are probably one of the only ‘Windsurfing and Kitesurfing’ oriented establishments that offer and operate the whole local experience vertically.  This means that you can get experience in many different areas, whether it is watersports and activities, accommodation, food & beverage, guest services.


Given our hospitality background, our Surf Station focuses a lot on the guests, meaning that our staff is always motivated, welcoming, and always there for our clients.  And this is what defines us and makes us stand out from other stations.  By being part of our team, it is our goal that you adopt and benefit from this mentality.


Our station is also a pioneer in education and safety.  We are both IKO and IWO affiliated (kitesurfing and wingfoiling), and run many Instructors Training courses per season, for the last 15 years.  A huge number of instructors in the industry have received their training at Surf Club Keros.  We have also been involved in many EU-funded projects in the field of education and tourism.  By working for us, you will definitely absorb lots of this know-how and mentality.  Find out more here.

Surf Club Keros is also one of the biggest RRD test centres worldwide, always providing high-end brand new equipment for clients and staff.

Hospitality and F&B

Surf Club Keros was the first glamping site in Greece, and is one of the biggest world wide.
Through our hospitality and watersports services, Keros beach became from what was once a hidden secret, to a well know, up-market destination world-wide.  We have had guests from Japan, Hawaii, USA, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, that came specifically to visit Keros.

Our bookings office takes requests year-round, work with industry leading software and are able to manage a huge amount of bookings throughout the season with great success.


By working in our hospitality department you will be part of professional operations and team work.  You will also get the opportunity to meet and connect with a geat number of guest from different parts of the world.


Our bar and restaurant offer a combination of our travel gastronomic experiences and the worlds favourite Mediterranean cuisine.  For us, the dining part of the day is sacred, where  surfers talk about their experiences after a full day on the water, share their stories and laughs.  Our menu, our drinks and wine catalogue, all reflect our travel stories and who we are.  How we present and how we serve, is also part of the experience. 
Being part of our F&B team will hopefully make you part of our story.


Our Phase 2 renovation in infrastructure and operations, plans to offer a more slow food experience with live cooking, fresh ingredients in our freshly renovated restaurant area.



Surf Club Keros is always making steps to become greener, cleaner and to respect the environment and surroundings or Keros and the broader area.  

By supporting local products and hiring local people, we try to support the social sustainability and economy of the area.

Through our actions and camps, we open up our services to groups that were previously excluded in the watersports sector, or were facing social, gender and age barriers.

Find more about our ethics here

We hope to see you as part of our team!