Phase 2 - Surf Club Keros
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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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Phase 2

It's time for... Phase 2


Phase 2 is a wave of positive change. We are extremely proud of our journey.  From a small school in 2008, to the first Glamping resort in Greece, to a full scale vertical resort that provides great services to 200 guests at a time.  All this, with the same smile, passion and effort from day one.  From surfers, to surfers as we like to say.

Now, with Phase 2, we have the opportunity to upgrade, renovate, redesign our tents, our restaurant area, our services, and provide you with an even better experience.

What's new:


Our trademark L and XL Safari tents are not only getting a complete makeover, but are being reconstructed from scratch, into a new, superior and redesigned XL tent.

We put together the experience of 15 years visualised and created the perfect safari tent.  Get ready for an improved, more stylish and functional stay:


-equipped, with brand new bathrooms, sunbeds, trampoline nets, sun pillows and hammocks.
-protected from winds and sun heat.
-space and layout, with two separate rooms (master /children)
-overall functional glamping habitat.

-luxury, surf style, boho touches and aesthetics.
-amenities, conveniences and privacy. 

Food & beverage

A more customised, yet relaxed, healthy and delicious dining experience awaits for you in 2023.  The upgrade:

-New, more functional and spacious design of dining area.

-Enhanced International breakfast buffet with focus on local cuisine and super-foods.
-Re-designed midday a-la carte selection with new, a-la minute live cooking experience, varying from pastas, salads, and traditional recipes, to burgers,steaks and delicious desserts.

-Upgrade to a more relaxed and slow food oriented dinner ‘’celebration’’. -No more ‘flat’ buffet experience.

Three live cooking stations
1) pasta and fried rice recipes
2) BBQ grill of meat, fish and seafood, and
3) our awesome Hippie era surf pizza-van for freshly baked pizzas and traditional Greek recipes in its wood oven.
Ability to upgrade dining experience from a variety of existing choices or even pre-order more specialised options for the upcoming days.

Time for drinks!  Last but not least, our relocated and completely renovated Tiki bar, offering a variety of specialised, adventurous and innovative cocktails, coffees, and beverages.  The new design and location will be a pleasant surprise.


Open air cinema & area

After all the nice food and drinks, it is time to chill under the stars!  Our open air cinema is the best way to end the day, relax, sink in, and enjoy a surf or non-surf movie.  

Surf Station

Our Windsurfing & Kitesurfing is being upgraded with even new toys from RRD’s 2023 collection.  Our team of fresh instructors are ready and hyped to take your skills to another level, and a great variety of events and clinics await you.  Get ready for fun downwinders, flag races, GPS challenges, forward loop clinics and much more! Our Wing Foiling section is expanding to probably the biggest school in Greece! 

We are the first IWO Affiliated centre in Greece, and one of the first world wide.  We are ready to offer an even better learning experience, and a wider variety of equipment for all levels!  Let the fun begin! Surf Club Keros is one of the few places where all sports co-exist with mutual respect and love, since the beginning. Based on that, we have simplified our catalogues, and equalised prices for rentals and most lessons, making it more simple to choose, book, or change among watersports during your stay! 

Yes, you read correctly, from now on, you can use all of our toys, with no extra charge!

Scuba diving

Yes!  We are happy to announce that we are going to operate a PADI certified diving section starting this season!  Our goal is to offer you a wider variety of activities for you and your family, especially on those non-windy days. 


Keros bay is the perfect spot to start your diving journey.  A friendly, protected, sandy bay with turquoise waters and great visibility makes the whole experience extremely welcoming, whereas the nearby rock formations will give you a more interesting diving scenery to explore, in your next dives. 


Our team has put a great package of introductory and advanced PADI approved courses together, so stay tuned and get ready for lots of bubbles!


“Reuse-recycle” is one of our motos and guidelines here at Surf Club Keros.

All the previous Safari Tents are moving, and going to another property in the nearby village, to set up our new Staff Camp.

We are trying to save as much materials as possible and provide a decent and cosy habitat for our staff, with all the necessary amenities, in the closest possible location.

The 'Journey'


In 2008 we opened the first school at Keros, and brought this unknown secret paradise to the attention of the windsurfing and kitesurfing world.  A few years later, through our ‘camp’ and restaurant, we were able to offer you a complete vacation experience, based on our journeys and surf travels, enhanced by our personal touch and creativity.  From surfers, for surfers, as we like to say.  In the years to come, we grew in heart, size and experience, never forgetting our surf character and beach origin.  Today, at our full scale, we feel no need to stop.  Our journey continues and is even more adventurous, exciting and giving.  In ‘Phase 2’ our ambition is to take Surf Club Keros to a new level, offering a greater overall experience to all of our friends and customers.