Ultimate windsurfing, kitesurfing playground: Keros beach, Limnos, Greece.

Keros is the kind of beach you see on computer desktops. You could not possibly find a safer place to learn how to kite or windsurf. Turquoise water, safe sandy beach, meltemi wind.

Available activities.

Here's a list with everything you can do at Keros.

Surf Station facilities.

List of amenities available at our Surf Station.

  • Toilets
  • Free private parking
  • Beach bar (Beverages, Sandwiches, Salads, Asian Food, Cocktails)
  • Outdoor showers
  • Changing room
  • Equipment storage
  • Surf shop - merchandice
  • Free sun beds
  • Free umbrellas
  • Lounge area
  • Wheel chair users friendly facilities
  • Reception
  • Beach leisure equipment (trampoline, slack-line, balance board)
  • Rescues

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the top questions and answers regarding our spot and surf station.

Open FAQ +

Do i need a wetsuit?

Depends on the period you choose to visit us. Early and late season (May, early June, September) you will need a long 3:2 wetsuit but during the summer months (June, July , August) you will be comfortable with a shortie or just with your board short and a rash vest. No matter what, we can always provide you with anything you might need.


What is the water temperature?

Ranging from 20-24 degrees Celsius, from May to September.


Can we eat or drink something at the beach?

Of course, our beach bar can provide you with fresh salads, sandwiches cool beverages and more.


Where can i buy water?

Yes, our restauraunt and beach bar, operating during the whole day, can provide you with water and other beverages at any time of the day.


Is there a rescue service at the spot?

There is always someone watching your back in case something goes wrong. We have 2 rescue boats and always at least one pair of eyes checking the water and you. In any case the boat will be approaching you just to make sure you are okay.


Do you sell your equipment?

Yes. Whether on spot or online, we usually do.


Where is the spot?

Keros beach, Limnos, Greece.


What are the lesson times?

Kitesurf lessons take place mostly between 09:00 - 16:00 when the wind is nice, strong and side shore. Usually, after 16:00-17:00, the wind turns offshore and makes it ideal for beginner windsurfing lessons especially for kids. Windsurf lessons take place during the whole day with either advanced and beginner lessons


Are there any waves at the spot?

On the south side of the bay you have a small wind swell forming some lines. It is not an ocean ground swell but it is big enough to have loads of fun!


What happens with my pre-paid lessons if there is not enough wind?

If the lessons don't take place due to lack of wind, the customer get an hourly refund for the part of the lesson that didnt happen.


What happens if i break a board or piece of equipment?

During the lessons the equipment is insured. There is an optional insurance for renting equipment that you can either prebook or book it on the spot at the schools reception


What is the wind like at the spot?

Keros is a morning spot. There is wind from the morning until 3-4 pm when the wind drops and turns offshore but light. The lighter the wind during the day, the earlier it will drop. Stay focused on the wind direction. If you feel that the wind is changing to offshore it is better to return to the school. A bit gusty close to the shore due to the trees and the hills but 100 meters in is super stable!

Endless space, super safe.

Keros beach is the best place you could possibly imagine to learn how to kite or windsurf.

3 spots in one beach.

Beginner, intermediate or advanced we got you covered with 3 different spots on the same beach!

  • Super Flat

    Enjoy the super flat section on the North side of the bay, which is super flat, shallow, and has amazing turquoise colors!

  • Small Chop

    Go blasting in the easy bump n jump section in the middle of the bay, with vertical small chop, perfect for your first jumps, and your first freestyle moves!

  • Waves

    Play with some waves at the South side of the bay where our mini-wave spot is! It is shallow, sandy and safe, perfect for entry level- wave riders!

When to visit us.

From May to September you are in for a treat here in Keros, but there certain aspects in every month you might find more appealing depending on your mood.

June, July and August: We are almost fully booked during these months, and for good reason. Famous meltemi winds, blowing from N-NE directions at an average force of 4-6bf, hot mediterranean climate, fun vibes, good food, smiley faces everywhere.

May and September: Relaxed atmosphere, perfect temperature, stunning nature, romantic sceneries, completely uncrowded, great conditions, chill vibes. If that's your cup of tea, we invite you to exploit what low season makes of our little paradise.

Getting to Limnos is easy.

Any other activities?

There are so many ways to enjoy yourself here, you might wish for some no wind days!

All Sports Package to keep mind and body engaged.

Mountain biking, SUP, snorkelling, trekking  and yoga are just some of the activities we've planned to keep you, your family and your kids super happy at all times.

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Accommodation: all the amenities of a luxury suite, right in nature's heart.

Located on the hillside above Keros bay, Surf Club Keros "Lodge & Spa" provides the excellent setup for a perfect holiday.

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