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Keros Beach, Kalliopi, 81401, Limnos, Greece

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“Surf Safe” Covid 19 mission statement

Over the last 12 years, SCK’s guiding principle has been to cater and care for our guests as we do for our own family. Today, more than ever, this core value guides us as we navigate the difficult challenge the coronavirus (COVID-19) presents us with, in order to best protect our guests and staff during such unprecedented times.

Fully committed to offering safe holidays to our guests by safeguarding public health  and providing a relaxing and joyful environment, SCK is taking all responsible necessary actions prescribed by Greek Government and EU authorities:

  • We adjust our operational procedures according to the new safety standards & hygiene protocols by taking all the necessary hygiene measures and by practising physical distancing of at least one meter.
  • We adopt a strict schedule of cleaning and disinfection  according to the instructions of the National Public Health Organization (EODY) upgrading our housekeeping services not only in our tents but in all common areas as well. Plus special disinfection instructions in case of an incident.
  • We employ a full time in-house doctor throughout the season. 
  • We reinforce our hygiene services in all common areas and especially in “high” risk objects, such as door handles, switches, knobs etc.
  • We have installed everywhere within our premises antiseptics for public use.
  • We strongly encourage online transactions by sending a pre-arrival email in order to gain all of your information regarding your check-in and your stay, by accepting online payments on accommodation expenses (cash only in exceptional cases), by sending online bills, invoices and receipts.
  • We avoid frequent cleaning of the rooms in order to reduce the risk of possible contamination and only proceed to do so upon request of guests.
  • We avoid the daily change of sheets and towels and only proceed to do so upon request of guests.
  • We proceed to steam cleaning of the fabric surfaces (temperature >70).
  • We only execute Private transfers, consisting of 3 passengers plus the driver in  9 seater vehicles, except those staying in the same tent or being members of the same family
  • We use disposable table mats and menus.
  • We follow high standards of food safety, abiding by HACCP procedures.
  • We have transformed our restaurant area in order to keep required distances. We expand our buffet serving hours for your better service as we allow limited guests in our buffet serving area.
  • We have transformed our surf school premise, beach infrastructure and sports equipment regarding the hygiene measurements constituted by the Greek government.  
  • Each member of our staff has been examined for Covid-19 before arrival and is expected to provide a Covid-19 negative test, 72 hours before arrival.
  • Each member of our staff is being daily checked of his/her body temperature 

For further details regarding our Covid 19 operations and precautions read below :

  • We ensure that our tents fulfill the necessary distancing requirements.
  • When possible we proceed to check-in/ check-out procedures in the outdoor area, in order to avoid overcrowding.
  • In order to follow a thorough cleaning and disinfection procedure between stays, check-out and check-in times have been extended. (check out by 11.00 am and check in after 15.00 pm.) 
  • We don’t allow the entry to non-residents into the tents and the camp facilities in general. 
  • At the same time, we welcome non-residents to visit our surf station and beach facilities.
  • We proceed to meticulous cleaning and to good room ventilation between stays.
  • We cover TV and air conditioner controls with disposable covers.
  • We keep the windows and doors open daily for natural ventilation of the space.
  • We regularly check the proper operation of dishwashers and washing machines in terms of temperature and dosage of detergents.
  • We have placed individual antiseptic gels in every room.
  • We use markings in order to inform the customer when and how the room was cleaned.
  • We have removed any decorative objects, such as pillows or beddings, as well as shared multi-purpose items such as menus, magazines etc.
  • We strictly comply with hygiene measures regarding the staff involved in the sorting of dirty linen.
  • We operate our personal care, spa services and shared facilities in accordance with the applicable legal framework.
  • We disencourage bather from placing towels or beach mats between umbrellas.
  • We transfer used fabric, beddings and towels in special bags to the washing machine premises.
  • We disinfect trolleys after every use.
  • We follow a practice of washing all the fabrics in hot circles (70 or more) with usual detergents.
  • The delivery of food is realised by specific staff, wearing gloves and masks.
  • We follow the practice of distancing in the kitchen according to the requirements of the health authorities.
  • When requested we are able to provide visitors: a) with all the information regarding our accommodation policy and all the measures taken in order to deal with any cases that may occur, b) with useful information regarding healthcare providers, public and private hospitals, COVID-19 reference hospitals, pharmacies in the area etc. and c )with Personal Protective Equipment.such as gloves, disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes
  • We have medical kits available for the occurence of an incident, such as disposable and masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robes, laser thermometer.
  • The distance between sun beds in different umbrellas must be at least 3 meters in every direction.
  • Our staff is trained to identify any symptom,  to report it directly to the health coordinator and to respond accordingly
  • We do not allow the entrance in the kitchen for those who don’t work there. 
  • Concerning our water supply and sewing system, we apply the circular of the Ministry of Health “Protection of Public Health against corona SARS-COV-2 in water supply and sewerage systems”.——
  • Finally in case of a COVID-19 suspected case we have designed an emergency action plan consisting of:
  1. identification of the symptoms of a COVID-19 suspected case (cough, fever, shortness of breath).
  2. Provision of the emergency number “1135” to report the incident and to guide its management in greek and english (appendix 1).
  3. Temporary isolation of the case in the tent until the safe transport for medical diagnosis. 
  4. Use of surgical mask, glasses, waterproof apron with long sleeves and gloves for anyone entering the temporary isolation area.
  5. Ventilation of the temporary isolation area, cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects after removal of the patient with 0.1% chlorine solution
  6. Report all the contacts of the patient to the competent health authority starting two days before the onset of the symptoms
  7. Provision of the contact details of EKAB, the contact details of the health structure the patient should be transferred to, the contact details of the health service to which the camping belongs. 

In order to implement the written plan and the health protocol of the camping operation regarding the prevention of COVID-19 cases, the staff and guests are assigned a competent person whose complete details are mentioned in the written plan. The cases and measures taken, are recorded in the COVID-19 book , which is under the supervision of the competent person.

  • We distribute to our staff adequate personal protective equipment, according to their duties, and provide them with instructions for it’s proper use. 
  • We strive to inform you before your arrival about the health protocol and the prevention measures implemented in the camp and the measurements in force in Greece.
  • For public health protection, we keep an updated record of our staff members and all guests staying at the hotel- name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail), so that communication is possible if a coronavirus case is identified at a later time.
  • According to the Health Ministry’s guidance on “Taking measures to ensure public health from viral and other infections during the use of air conditioning units”, we pay special attention to non-recirculation of air and allowing natural ventilation rooms and other areas.
  • We daily clean and disinfect the following : drinking water supply- taps, caps, hoses and other equipment used to supply water- WC chemical evacuation points- lockers- handles and keys of shared refrigerators- access points- trash cans- handrails- railings.
  • We clean and disinfect equipment between every use from different customers. 


Together we stand. We need you to proactively practice personal responsibility in order to surf safely this summer. Please try to follow the following guidelines: 

  1. We strongly advise you to practise physical distancing. 
  2. We recommend you to limit overcrowding in restrooms. It is also indicated with an information sign to close the lid after use in shared toilets in order to restrict the transmission through aerosol.
  3. According to a Joint Ministerial Decision the use of a non-surgical protective mask, both by passengers and drivers during your transfer in our vehicles is mandatory.
  4. We recommend the use of a cloth mask from our guests and any other person visiting the indoor areas of the campsite.
  5. We encourage hygiene measures with hand washing with soap and water.
  6. All persons present on the campsite are presumed to be acquainted with the rules in force. Violating these rules can result in removal from the campsite. 
  7. We encourage physical distancing of 1,5 meter in all the areas between people who do not belong to the same family, group or do not stay in the same tent. 
  8. We have available laser thermometers to check your body temperature.

SCK Team

Teamwork is a must in rough seas! Surf club Keros is all about  team effort. Team members read and follow the following :

  • Staff members are expected to get examined for Covid-19 before arrival and to provide a Covid-19 negative test, 72 hours before arrival.
  • It is mandatory for our staff to undergo thermal screening every morning. 
  • We advise our team members  to inform us in case they belong to a vulnerable group.
  • We advise the housekeeping staff to wear a surgical mask, gloves and a disposable robe. It is strongly recommended not to touch your mouth, hands or eyes, to smoke or to eat during working hours.
  • It is necessary to wash hands with soap and water after the removal of the gloves. It is highlighted that gloves do NOT replace hand washing.
  • We as a team should discreetly check any customer with symptoms and mention it to the management.
  • The provision of antiseptics in the car is recommended for the driver.
  • Handshaking must be avoided. SHAKA is strongly advised 
  • The natural ventilation of the vehicle should be ensured by the driver.
  • Staff is recommended to wear cloth masks.
  • Any violation of the instructions and regulations should be reported to the person in charge in order to prevent COVID-19 cases.
  • Staff, according to their duties, will be informed and trained as follows:
  1. In the management of a COVID-19 suspected case.
  2. In the use of personal protective equipment
  3. In the application of individual hygiene and social distancing, as well as in other specific regulations of the camp site.
  • The management is in charge to provide information to guests and training to the staff regarding personal hygiene measure:
  1. Hand sanitization techniques (frequent handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds)
  2. The activities that dictate handwashing, such as contact with another person or his respiratory secretions (saliva, droplets), contact with objects such as handrails, handles etc., before placing the mask, before and after removing the mask, before and after removing the gloves, after using the toilet, before eating, before touching the face etc.
  3. If the hands are not visibly soiled, an alcoholic solution may be used.
  4. If a person has any respiratory symptom, direct contact must be avoided.
  5. Appropriate waste management.
  6. Proper use of personal protection equipment.
  7. Any suspected case should be immediately reported to the supervisor.
  8. Staff members who develop any symptom of a respiratory infection should be isolated immediately.
  9. Online transactions are highly preferred.
  10. Sanitary facilities (toilets, showers, hand washing facilities, locker rooms, sinks) must be kept clean and in a good condition. They should be cleaned and disinfected with 0.1% chlorine solution (4 teaspoons chlorine 5% per 1 liter of water) for 10 minutes. They should be adequately ventilated during use. 
  11. Washbasins must be constantly supplied with soap, hand towels and trash cans. 
  12. We will follow a specific cleaning schedule in written form in order to ensure that that sanitary conditions in the facilities are maintained throughout the day.