Turn your passion into your dream job! Become a certified IKO kiteboarding instructor, and teach in kite schools all around the world.

Take part in our ITC for this year and become certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization and get the chance to travel around the world and work as a kite instructor!

You can do it here at Surf Club Keros, Limnos, Greece. Book your seat for our IKO INSTRUCTOR TRAINING COURSE on May 18-22, 2018.



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  • q-iconWhy should I apply?

    You should apply because you can start teaching immediately after the course, easily pay off the cost (it only takes 2-3 lessons to cover the cost), and start looking for job opportunities all over the world, posted on the IKO website.

  • q-iconWho is it for?

    The course refers to people who are allready competent in kitesurfing.  Whether you have never tought before, or are allready teaching using your own methods, the IKO ITC will provide you with the appropriate tools and methodology to teach professionaly and safely, increasing customer satisfaction.  The IKO ITC will also open the door to a big list of job openings throughout the world, so dust of that globe atlas, and let the adventure beggin!

  • q-iconHow to apply?

    Just click the big button below to fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with details and application confirmation. It’s fairly quick and easy.

Apply for the ITC course HEREApply now to become a certified kiteboarding instructor

How to become a certified IKO Kiteboard Instructor.

1. Make sure you meet the prerequisites.  You must be:

- over 18 years old

- a Level 3 kiteboarder (e.g. go upwind, do jumps, ride toe side and land a few rotation jumps)

- able to understand, speak, and write in English.  The whole course is in English and you will be using weather, equipment, and teaching terminology.

2. Become an Assistant Instructor (6-10 September, cost: 400 euros)

(If you are allready an Assistant Instructor, skip this step)

-Attend the Assistant-Instructor-Course-Plus that will take place here at Surf Club Keros on between 6-10 of September, 2018.  The cost of the course is 400 euros.  Here you will learn the basics of IKO mentality, lesson preparation, and how an IKO school operates.  After this you will be able to teach up to IKO Level 1b (all the landbased teaching and theory).

This course is an Assistant Instructor Course PLUS, which means that if you are a valid IKO instructor Level 2, you can take part in this course, and get liscenced to certify Assistant Instructors yourself.



3. Have a First Aid Certificate (11 Sept, cost 150 euros)

If you don't have a First Aid Certificate you have 2 choices:

-Attend the 1-day First Aid Course that will take place here at Surf Club Keros on the 11th of September, 2018.  The cost of the course is 150 euros.

-Get one up to 1 day before the course (you will have to present it to your examiner before the course starts).  IKO accepts many First Aid certificates such as Lifeguard first aid, PADI, Red Cross, etc.  IKO cannot accept First Aid certificates done online.


4. Attend the Instructors Training Course (12-16 Sept, cost 790 euros)

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can attend the IKO Instructors Training Course in order to become a Level 1 instructor.  In order to attend the course will have to fill in the ITC_candidate_waiverform_EN_water and send it to us signed and scanned.  Then, to finalize your participation you will have to make a downpayment of 50% of the total cost (You will get our bank details by email, the amount is non-refundable).  Once you have finalized your participation, your Examiner will send you pre-ITC material to start your preperation.  You will also have to take a pre-ITC test online.

The course duration is 6 days and you will cover teaching theory, kite equipment and safety systems, boat rescue, practical teaching, meteorology, and much more.

During the course you will be asked to demonstrate your riding skills.  Use of kite equipment is free for use during the course and the hours of the course.  ITC candidates get a 50% discount for rental outside course use (eg if you want to go riding a few days before or after the course, or during the break).

The cost of the course is 790 euros.  All prices are IKO recommended prices.

Apply for the ITC course HEREApply now to become a certified kiteboarding instructor