Activities to keep you, your friends and your family happy every single day.

Rest through effort, peace through motion and joy through exploration.

The common factor of us all, members of the tribe of active travelers, is the fact that we find rest through effort, piece through motion and joy through exploring. Therefore for those rare no wind days, or just for active alternatives, we have planned a number of side activities:

  • SUP

    Master the art of stand up paddle board through an introductory course for cruising, speed or wave riding. Join the team and visit unrevealed spots of the island.

  • Mountain & Trail Biking

    Ride our MTBs for distance, trail or downhill biking, according the mood and the spirit of the team. Visit Limnos inner spots, villages and churches.

  • Running

    5K, 10K or half marathon if you wish. Early morning or late afternoon when the sun colors the sky. Stay fit or relax.

  • Distance Swimming

    Just to keep fit. Keros Bay or one of many beaches of the island.

  • Snorkeling

    Discover mythical Aegean sea. Dive into the Greek turquoise and visit Limnos coastline.

  • Kite Bugy

    Kite on land those light wind days, and discover new excitement.

  • Yoga / Stretching

    Relax your muscles, ease pain and be relieved from stress.
    Good morning or rehab heeling sunset sessions to suit the individual needs of the riders.

  • Massage Treatments

    Focusing to relieve specific stress and muscle tension, combined with specially blended massage oils. Trained therapists use skilful hand movements and pressure to bring about healing results.
    For riders or for their companion. Click here for more info.

  • Book On The Spot

    All these wonderful activities and many more are available on the Spot ! Our front officers and sport animator will brief you upon arrival on all available options



Combine activities and make everyday a perfect day.

  • For example, we bike a couple of K’s and then we snorkel unspoiled beaches.

  • At the end we set a tasteful seafood BBQ on spot, and then we head back to the camp, for a recovery stretching/massage session.

  • Or we run to secret spot destinations where we SUP amazing Aegean beauties, and then we relax through a yoga session on spot.

How it works and how you can have them.

Our crew is setting the week’s program and you pick your choice-es, upon arrival or throughout your stay.

All of the above possibilities are optional, subject to participation and to weather conditions. 

Instruction and all the equipment needed for those activities is being supplied by us, at no extra renting rates. We strongly suggest you to bring your own running shoes, summer wetsuits, music, sunglasses, and training pants.