5 cool things to do and places to visit on Limnos Island


Aloha! My name is Chara and i am a front officer here at Surf Club Keros! Many of you ask me about alternative things to do or visit on the island during your stay. Whether the wind is down or whether you feel like a bit of adventure, here is my favorite list of excursions:

1) Alyki salt lake
It is a rare natural salt lake just a few minutes away from the camp! Until late spring there is water in the salt lake and you can observe wild birds, ducks, and of course, our favorite flamingos! Once the water dries out, the whole landscape becomes lunar, where white salt covers cracked dry mud for many square kms. The view is definitely spectacular. In between these two periods is the time when the locals collect salt in a traditional way. Any commercial activity is prohibited, as this area is also part of the Natura 2000 protected ecosystem. Definitely a must-visit, only a short walk or bike ride from the camp!

2) Sand dunes of Gomati
About 40 minutes away from Keros, and high relatively high up on the hills, you will find spectacular Sand dunes of Gomati. Often called the Greek Sahara, this phenomenon is not only unique for Greece, but very rare to find in Europe also. Nothing can prepare you for the view as you walk through the typical Lemnos landscape of stone and bush. 70.000 meters of golden sand and steep slopes that constantly change with the wind will travel your mind to the deserts of far away lands. You will roll in the sand, glide down the sand slopes, get sweaty, sandy and tired. But don’t worry, a few km’s below the sand dunes lies the famous Gomati beach, where you can jump in the water after your session and wash off the sand!

3) Keros-to-Red-Rock Stand Up Paddle
If you are up for some extra physical challenge, you can try the Keros-to-Red-Rock Stand Up Paddle. This 8km paddle apart from being a perfect workout, is a great experience as you pass by Kavalaris cape, the seal cave, a couple of hidden beaches, and you experience an open water crossing. After a refreshing shower and drink at Red Rock, you can visit Polichni, an ancient settlement that is believed to be the birthplace of democracy. The bay is named after the picturesque red rocks rising out of the water as you approach the beach! A landscape pure and undefiled, with an endless beach and a relaxed handmade beach bar!

4) Mythological cave of Filoktitis
Does yoga at a mystical place get your attention? Swimming in the mythological cave of Filoktitis? Exploring an abandoned Ghost Hotel? You can join our excursion and experience all of the above at once! The sanctuary of Kaveiria is located in an amazing place. The energy is vibrant and the sunset is spectacular. You can practice your yoga here and experience something really special. Below the sanctuary you can find the mythological Cave of Filoktitis, where Filoktitis, the giant, was left on the way to the Troyan war after he was bitten by a snake. You can jump in the water and swim inside the cave, or crawl in by a narrow passage between the rocks. On your way there, you can visit the ‘ghost hotel’. Abandoned a few decades ago, this massive construction is definitely an interesting place to explore. If you dare, visit the dark basements and try to find the old gym with broken mirrors!

5) Panagia Kakaviotissa
If you are in for a morning hike and a spectacular way to start your day, i recommend the visit to Panagia Kakaviotissa. This is the most frequent hiking destination on the island and the main attraction at the end of the route is the famous church with no roof! The church is named after the mountain “Kakavos”, upon which it is built.This Greek Orthodox church is built by monks inside a cave during 1300 AD, as a hideaway from the Turkish Invasion.

It’s a place of absolute tranquility and of unique sensation.The scenery and the view from the top are breathtaking and it’s perfect to relax and enjoy for sunrise after the hiking!